How You Do It

  1. Create the project 
    • Describe the project in Words, Pictures & Video 
    • Set the funding goal and fundraising time frame (0 - 60 days)
    • Explain what you will give or do - Rewards - in exchange for funds
  2. Tell everyone you know and keep up the communication going to create buzz and momentum
  3. Raise your funds
    • Raise money from anywhere around the world
    • Keep the funds you raise
    • Get paid out fast
  4. Complete your project and communicate with your supporters on how it is going
  5. Get those goods ⁄ services back to your supporters as promised
  6. So crowdfunding is easy to understand and to do.
  7. But is it for me? If you have a project that excites you, and you think it will excite others, especially those in your network, Endless Crowds is for you.
  8. But can I be good at it? Yes. Anyone can.
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