Where does the money come from?

Most of your initial funding will come from your network. And that is for one basic reason: Trust. It is the catalyst that gets the funding ball rolling. As you prepare to launch, view your network as having three tiers.

Catalyze Funding

Tier 1 - Friends, Family, and Dedicated Fans - Contribute first because trust and relationship is already established (plan to reach out to a few before you launch so they are ready for their role as catalysts)

Tier 2 - Friends-of-Friends and Acquaintances - Contribute after ´trust signals´ are sent (i.e., see other people contribute or see other people buzzing about your project via online discussions or press)

Tier 3 - Broader Connections and the Crowd - Contribute last because it takes more work to gain their attention and win trust

Projects that raise the most are ones that start with Tiers 1 and 2, and build momentum into the Tier 3.

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