The 5 Parts of a Fundraising Project Page

So, you have your goal, timeline and plan. You are ready to post your project. Here are all the elements you need to have ready to ensure your network feels your passion.

Project Title

  • Write a title that differentiates your project - use words like "support", "fund" and avoid words like "help", "donate"
  • Make it relevant and catchy via intrigue, humor, and authenticity
  • Include your name and/or the name of your organization

Project Description

  • Introduce yourself
  • Keep it to 3 to 5 paragraphs
  • Have a tone that is reflective of who you are
  • Tell the back-story of your project and your journey until this point
  • Touch on "why this project matters"
  • Include high-level details on where the money is going and what your are trying to accomplish
  • Explain how Endless Crowds works to liberate ideas
  • Make your call to action (i.e., what you want people to do [fund] and why) clear and compelling, convey "I need you to make this happen"
  • Be authentic, be confident, show passion for your project and passion for adding value to others
  • Talk about the unique rewards each funder will get in return for their contribution


  • Video should be considered mandatory. Projects with videos have a much higher likelihood of funding. Videos show you are a real person who is credible and trustworthy. Videos engage supporters in a more dynamic way than your project description. Plus, a good video gives viewers a reason to stay on your project page. And, most importantly, with a video, your project has a higher probability of "going viral."
  • Update your videos. You can make new videos to keep your audience coming back for fresh and dynamic material during your campaign
  • Be creative. You don't have to have a traditional video with the "talking head." You can use finger puppets, product demos, voice-over techniques, stop animations, etc.
  • Yet, keep it simple. Videos that work best are often shot with a smartphone or webcam
  • Make your call to action (i.e., what you want people to do [fund] and why) clear and compelling, convey "I need you to make this happen"
  • Where appropriate, include a video of a demo


  • Images give you an additional way to communicate your message
  • Pick images that reflect who you are and what you are doing with your Endless Crowds project
  • Select images to showcase your Rewards

The Rewards

  • Have the goods your are going to offer in exchange for funds designed and ready.


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