When your Fundraising is Finished

Whether or not your project has met its goal there is still much to be done at the end of your campaign.

Thank your supporters

After the conclusion of your campaign it is critical to thank everyone who helped your project in anyway. Take time to personalize your “thank you” letters, possibly handwriting letters. If you have many supporters, consider sending letters to your largest supporters. If you didn’t meet your goal, explain why and what you plan to do next. Tell them about the charity you are going to donate to, reassuring them that their money was not wasted. If you did meet your goal, explain what comes next for your project. Always remember to stay connected! People want to stay current with a project they helped make happen. Send out weekly or monthly project updates to you supporters.  Keep in mind that these supporters might also be great resources for future projects.

Reward Fulfillment

Next, make sure all the promotions and rewards you promised are fulfilled. It is always a good idea to stay organized and updated throughout the campaign with your supporters’ addresses, pledges and the rewards they were promised. It is important to keep your promises!

Collecting Funds

If your campaign succeeds, you will receive funding in accordance with our Terms of Use, which can be found on www.EndlessCrowds.com. Familiarize yourself with the Term of Use and know what to expect.


Make sure you plan for the possible tax implications that your project might have if any investment dollars were raised. Plan accordingly and pay attention as your project continues to grow.

Future Possibilities

There may be other projects you wish to fund and we encourage Project Creators to return to E.C. and let us help fund your future project. Also, consider telling your friends and family about your experience as they may also be interested in starting their own campaign. With Endless Crowds, there are Endless Possibilities!

Overall, Endless Crowds gives you a platform and the necessary tools you will need to get started, but the success of the campaign depends on YOUR efforts. We will be there along the way to help you with anything you need, but ultimately your level of commitment will determine the success of your project. Be prepared to plan and work hard and your dream can become a reality.

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