e) Keep Talking

Traditional Forms of Communication: Although cutting-edge technology and social media are attractive, there is no substitute for the traditional forms of communication, like an old-fashioned phone call.

  • Don’t be afraid to call your friends and family to talk about your project and gain support for your campaign.
  • Sending letters in the mail with your own handwriting on the envelope creates a personal touch that is lost in an email.
  • Send photos that detail what your project is about to E.C. for incorporation into your marketing materials.   Individuals respond and are more likely to support your campaign if they can visualize your ultimate goal.        

*REMEMBER: Core supporters are more than just a source for funds. They can also provide feedback when testing new marketing strategies. Many crowdfunding campaigns start and end their fundraising drive strong, but fail to maintain the momentum during the middle of their campaign.  Planning in advance for weekly marketing promotions will help mitigate this lull in funds.

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