4 tips for successful fundraising

Be Authentic
Endless Crowds’ efforts to provide transparency and protect donors is paramount. That said, be yourself, tell your story, and take advantage of Endless Crowds’ built-in connections to social networks like Facebook & Twitter. Doing so helps provide your project with an added layer of credibility. In turn, donors are more likely to trust your project, support your cause, and share it with others.

Say "Thank You"
With Endless Crowds’ ‘Update’ feature it’s incredibly easy to post a simple thank-you message and publicly recognize supporters on your project. There are even options to broadcast your Update messages on Facebook, Twitter, & via email. In doing so, you’re really making supporters feel like they’re a part of your story/adventure/journey. Supporters also have the ability to ‘follow along’ with your project's updates. So long as a supporter enjoys your project and the story you’re telling, they will be more likely to share your project with other potential donors – helping you reach your goal!

Get Creative
While sharing your Endless Crowds campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and email is very effective, our most successful campaigns take additional steps to share their campaign link ‘off-line’ as well. When users start to think of the other relationships in their lives, an entirely new pool of potential donors emerges. For example, former classmates, teachers, coaches, co-workers, mentors, and family friends are often thrilled at the opportunity to support the cause of someone they know.

Go Public
Believe it or not, your local newspaper, radio, and TV stations are starving for good, uplifting stories like yours. Most media outlets allow you to submit a story online or access the contact information of their reporters. Getting your story covered by local media is much easier than you would think.

Just remember to insist that your online project page link be mentioned in the story. Endless Crowds offers a custom link feature that allows you to set an easy-to-remember link address.

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