Frequently Asked Questions

Endless Crowds Basics: Frequently Asked Questions 

A.    What is Endless Crowds?

Endless Crowds (“E.C.”) is an online fundraising platform specifically tailored for the use and benefit of police, firefighters, military personnel, veterans, individuals and the organizations supporting this important assembly of Americans. We call this group of military, firefighters and police officers “MFPs.” Specifically, E.C. offers a one of a kind online platform that is strategically designed to allow MFP project creators and entrepreneurs to reach out to the general public and to grow their support base alongside other MFPs and their diverse sources of support.

B.    What is Crowdfunding?

Suppose the New York Fire Department (FDNY) needed to raise $20,000 in donations to purchase a new fire truck. It is highly unlikely that firefighters would create a fundraising campaign aimed to attract one single donor to donate the entire $20,000.00. Rather, FDNY would ask for smaller donations from a larger crowd of donors, perhaps $2.00 in funds from 10,000 donors. By using the collective power of the crowd, FDNY would be more likely to raise the funds it needs to repair its truck. This same concept is adopted by crowdfunding. 

Crowdfunding is the collective effort of many individuals who network and pool their money, via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by project creators. Like FDNY, project creators solicit small amounts of money from a larger crowd; however, unlike FDNY in our example, crowdfunding over the internet reaches hundreds of millions of people from around the globe. If FDNY was able to solicit even one penny from the over two billion internet users in the world, they would have enough money to fix a thousand fire trucks.

C.    Why Fundraise with Endless Crowds?

E.C. offers an exclusive platform for MFPs: We believe that MFP’s have unique skill sets and a sense of character that, with adequate resources, will be motivated to effectively improve communities and our economy. As such, E.C. is the first and only crowdfunding site that is designed exclusively to help MFP’s. By exclusively promoting the projects of MFP’s, E.C. is uniquely situated to attract traffic from the users who are the most likely to relate to and, consequently, donate to your cause.

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