Rewards tips

Tips on designing good Goods:
  • Be thoughtful about the Goods you offer - they are a core part of determining success.
  • Have a wide range of price-points: small ($5-$100), medium ($150-$500), large ($600-$1,000), and extra-large ($1,000+).
  • Ensure the Goods have meaning and value to your network and beyond.
  • Have the small level be easy to distribute (e.g., MP3's, digital still pictures, acknowledgements on a website); medium level is often physical goods, large and extra large levels are often live ⁄ custom ⁄ special goods, services, or experiences.
  • Make the Goods special, unique, in short supply (e.g., custom, handwritten, signed, numbered, limited).
  • Create a Goods menu that reveals your character and project brand.
  • Allow funders to be part of your project (e.g., their name featured, access to a live event, join in on production).
  • Use Goods to help funders feel like they know you (e.g., if you paint, do photography, love cats, work that into your Goods).
  • Offer experiences that get you to meet funders face to face (e.g., invite them to live shows, workshops, consulting sessions, tours, dinners), and provide these at various price points.
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