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The Video: Crowdfunding campaigns with videos are significantly more effective than campaigns launched without a video. The video introduces your idea, explains the benefit it will bring and helps to establish a personal connection with a potential supporter. Some of the most successful crowdfunding videos are recorded with a cell-phone, and convey an emotional, compelling and powerful message or need. Other videos are mere screen recordings of a strategically planned PowerPoint presentation. Some users might also prepare professional, high-definition videos, however do not let these videos intimidate you. The substance of the content is more important than the medium in which it is expressed.

Welcome to Hollywood:  Keys for a Successful Crowdfunding Video

  1. Script it - Powerful videos require thought and effort. Getting in front of a camera and “winging it,” while acceptable, is highly unlikely to leave a lasting impression. E.C. has guides available on request that will help you easily overcome the intimidating technical barriers to creating a digital video on your computer.
  2.   The Hook - The average donor’s attention span is short, and a video that fails to capture their attention in the first 10-15 seconds will probably not be viewed through its conclusion. Increase viewer engagement and better convert viewers into supporters by starting your video with a concise, exciting, high-level overview of the problem that you’re seeking solve, and your creative solution.
  3.  The Passion Factor - Show your audience that you are passionate about your project.   When people are able to relate and empathize with another individual’s struggle or dream, they are more likely to donate and become a committed supporter.  Police, firefighters, active military and veterans have some of the most interesting stories and noble causes. You have the largest and most dedicated network of supporters in the country, so its important for Project Creators to take advantage of this network.
  4.  Substance - Besides providing a "hook" and an "empathy factor", the substance of your video will drive most people to donate to your campaign.  Tell your viewers what your project is and what the money will go to.

*Remember: Be as concise and succinct as possible while still being able to express your idea.

  1. Editing Process - No one expects a crowd-funding video to be a Hollywood production.  However, some simple editing will go along way in establishing your project as a professional enterprise.  Consider adding some background music or photos and still shots to go in the video.   
  2. Browse Other Videos - You are not the first person to design a crowdfunding video.  Check out other videos on Endless Crowds or other crowdfunding websites to get an idea of what is and is not working for people.
  3. Consider including the following in your video -a clear depiction of the problem that your project seeks to overcome, what makes your project or circumstances unique; how much support you need; who you are and the background behind your relationship to the project; how donations will be used and why someone should trust that their donation will be used in good faith to advance your campaign’s goals; the harm to your community if the problem that you have identified is not solved
  4. Upload your video - We highly recommend that you upload your video to Vimeo. For further instructions, please visit Vimeo’s support page at: If you’re unable to upload your video, please contact Endless Crowds at for personalized project support.

*Remember: These are simply suggestions for the video that have proven effective in others crowd-funding campaigns.  Moreover, this video is an expression of your creativity and passion about your idea.  It's ok to think outside of the box and explore an avenue for a video that hasn't been tried before.  


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