Contributions on Endless Crowds are nonrefundable according to our Terms of Use. A contribution is a transaction that takes place purely between the contributor, campaign owner and payment processor. If you'd like a refund for your contribution, please contact the campaign owner directly with your request. [Related Forum Article: Contact the Project Owner, How to Check on Your Rewards]

For Contributors

Duplicate contributions

If you accidentally submitted your contribution twice, please contact us at with the name of the project you contributed to, your contribution amount, your name and the email address you provided during the contribution process.

Please note that we will not be able to refund your contribution if the amount has already been sent to the campaign owner. This means that we can only refund your contribution if it was made via direct credit card to a campaign that has not yet ended or via PayPal to a fixed funding campaign that has not yet met its funding goal. If you would like a refund for a contribution made via PayPal to a flexible funding campaign or if you would like a refund after the campaign has already ended, you will need to contact the campaign owner directly.

What happens if I cancelled the credit card I used to make my original contribution? How will I get my refund?

Your refunded contribution will still get sent back to your original credit card's issuing bank without issue. From there, the issuing bank will determine how to get the funds to you:

  • If there is a balance owed on the card, it offsets the balance.
  • If you opened up a different card, the issuer usually transfers the credit to the new account.
  • Sometimes the issuer will cut a check to the customer.

Regardless of which way the issuing bank handles this, the card issuer will handle reimbursing the contributor. We recommend reaching out to your issuing bank if you have any questions about how you will be receiving a refund sent to your cancelled credit card.

Negative Net Disbursements

If a campaign has not raised enough money by its deadline to cover the cost of disbursement, you may see that your contribution has been refunded after the campaign ends.

For Campaign Owners

We are unable to cancel your campaign or issue mass refunds for any campaign that has raised funds.  All campaigns that have raised funds must be kept live in order to preserve your campaign information and contributor details. 

If you are unable to go ahead with your project or fulfill your perks for any reason, we suggest reaching out to your contributors directly to issue any refunds from the funds we disburse to you.

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