d) Social Media

Social Media has become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and fundraisers alike. Using social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can generate a great deal of traffic to your project webpage. It can be as simple as posting your Associate Letter to your LinkedIn page and a link to your E.C. project page on your blog. This will inform your social network of your new campaign. You should also encourage your supporters to repost your Associate Letter and a link to your webpage on their communication pages. The more social media you use, the more success you are likely to have:

  • Facebook Me: Post a link and message on your Facebook with your Endless Crowds project page while also informing them of your new campaign.  Encourage your supporters to repost the link on their specific social media outlets. Look for Facebook groups that may be relate to your cause and repost their link to their supporters.
  • Tweet away: Twitter can provide you with vital connections needed to make your campaign a success. Identify hash tags that others are using that may relate to your cause. The more direct conversations you have with other Tweeters, the more likely they are to share your project with their followers.

*REMEMBER: Core supporters are more than just a source for funds. They can also provide feedback when testing new marketing strategies. Many crowdfunding campaigns start and end their fundraising drive strong, but fail to maintain the momentum during the middle of their campaign.  Planning in advance for weekly marketing promotions will help mitigate this lull in funds.

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