b) Inform your Followers by Posting Updates

Inform your Followers by Posting a Campaign Status Update: Providing social media updates about the first week of your campaign will help maintain supporter interest.

Previous supporters are comforted when they are given active updates about the status of a project and are more likely to donate in the future if they see progress.

Those who did not previously support your project may feel encouraged to donate to your campaign when they see that your goal is achievable and can be accomplished with their help.

Your update should stress importance of the project and praise any progress your campaign has made. Explain to your supporters that although you have made great strides, there is still more work to be done and that the goal cannot be reached without people like them.

Utilize all forms of communication described above in Phase Two, including social media, phone calls, and letters. Finally, be sure to send thank you notes to those who have donated, and ask them to share the project with others who may also contribute.

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