a) Revisit Missed Chances

At this point, you should have already launched your campaign, reached out to potential supporters, and established legitimacy in your project. In this phase you will be revisiting missed potential supporters and exploring additional media outlets for your Press Release.

Revisit Missed Opportunities: There are always missed opportunities to gain supporters in the first phases. This phase helps to identify groups and organizations that may be supportive to your cause but may have missed your message for reasons beyond your control.

For example, a letter you sent to a local restaurant regarding your interest in a fund-raising event may have been mistaken for junk mail.

Re-send your press release to any groups that you think would be interested in supporting your project. Most organizations today have an online communication forum that you can send/post your content to. Blogging and providing details about your project will attract the necessary traffic to your project page.

Tell your story and promote your project in your community.  This means actively circulating your E.C. press release to relevant community forums. VA halls, Police and firefighting organizations, college campuses, public libraries are among the many organizations that may be relevant to your cause

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