a) Find your Supporters

A strong start to your campaign will help provide the momentum to keep you moving in the right direction. The first two weeks are about gaining momentum through core supporters.

When your campaign raises 10% of its goal in the opening days, supporters will recognize the legitimacy of your campaign and become interested in your project.

Identify your Core Supporters: Core supporters come in many shapes and forms well beyond simply your friends and family. It’s important to think about all of your associations


  • Your church
  • Social Clubs
  • School
  • Business partners
  • Co-workers
  • not-for profit companies
  • Your significant others networks

Building core supporters is easier when your cause matters to others, so consider how your project will help, directly or indirectly, your core supporters.

*REMEMBER: Core supporters are more than just a source for funds. They can also provide feedback when testing new marketing strategies. Many crowdfunding campaigns start and end their fundraising drive strong, but fail to maintain the momentum during the middle of their campaign.  Planning in advance for weekly marketing promotions will help mitigate this lull in funds.

Tier 1 - Friends, Family, and Dedicated Fans - Contribute first because trust and relationship is already established (plan to reach out to a few before you launch so they are ready for their role as catalysts)

Tier 2 - Friends-of-Friends and Acquaintances - Contribute after ´trust signals´ are sent (i.e., see other people contribute or see other people buzzing about your project via online discussions or press)

Tier 3 - Broader Connections and the Crowd - Contribute last because it takes more work to gain their attention and win trust

Projects that raise the most are ones that start with Tiers 1 and 2, and build momentum into the Tier 3.

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