Reward Ideas

Rewards are benefits that you can offer in exchange for contributions to your project. Rewards enable you to engage fans, build trust and provide an opportunity for more people to get involved. You can offer one-of-a-kind experiences, special acknowledgments or limited supply products. Use your Rewards to increase demand for your campaign.  

Here are a few Reward ideas to get you started:

Small Business Perks

  • Offer discounts or coupons
  • Pre-sell your goods
  • Offer your space for events
  • Throw a party for your patrons
  • Give out merchandise with your logo on it

Film, Art & Creative Projects

  • Give people producer credits
  • Offer advanced-copy DVD downloads
  • Create art prints from your film stills
  • Sell limited edition copies of your artwork
  • Give away signed editions of your work
  • Offer invitations to the premier or gallery showing


  • Sell downloadable copies of your album or EP
  • Offer your album in vinyl. Give away a limited number of signed editions.
  • Give away a role in your music video
  • Write, record or dedicate a song

Community & Education

  • Ask your local community to donate Perks: discounts, secret recipes, coupons, tours, etc.
  • Send personal thank-you notes from your students
  • Host a private event
  • Offer membership discounts or free entry
  • Teach a class

Per our Terms of Use certain Rewards cannot be offered on our platform. Please read our article on Prohibited Rewards to learn more.

Examples of good Goods:
Thank you on your website, on your product, in the CD liner notes, in the film credits, in your research report
Announcement at your event
Product named after funder
Free ticket(s) to the show, event, launch party
VIP tickets/access at the show, event, launch party
Versions of the finished RocketHub product:
Free or discounted goods or services (the ones your business or organization will produce once the project is done)
Digital, physical, "Deluxe version," or autographed version of album, book, app, product, art, report, etc.
Fun souvenirs
A role in your project
Mentoring or consultation
An internship
Presence in the creative process, e.g., character names, product naming, song titles, walk-on acting role, etc.
Direct collaboration in your project, e.g., design, development, co-writing, producing, singing, performing, etc.
Sticker, pin, magnet, mug, poster, t-shirt, etc.
Copies of your previous work or products Personal services
Lesson in something you know, e.g., audio production, business planning, welding, writing, coding, surfing, cooking, film, etc.
Customized work, e.g., artwork, code, writing, music, etc. Personal performance or demonstration
Direct interaction
Post card, email, phone call, web-video, etc.
Invitation to launch party, ceremony, backstage, etc.
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