Endless Crowds Basics: Accountability

1. Who is responsible for executing a project that is advertised on Endless Crowds? 

Users should only contribute to projects that they consider to be credible and worthy of their donation. Endless Crowds does not have oversight over any project and is not in any way involved with project execution. The duty to execute a project is imposed solely with each project creator. As such, Endless Crowds cannot guarantee and makes no representations that donations will be executed in a manner consistent with the subject matter of a given campaign. With that said, Endless Crowds engages in reasonable due diligence to ensure that each project is legitimate and that each project conforms to Endless Crowds Project Guidelines.

2. How does Endless Crowds vet projects? 

While EC can make no representations in regards to a project’s legitimacy, where possible, EC engages in a reasonable effort to filter, remove and re-fund illegitimate campaigns.

First, Endless Crowds researches, where possible, the persons and organizations that submit projects. If information about the person or organization is not readily available, EC may, but is not obligated, to request additional information from the campaign creator to verify the community improving potential of the campaign. Second, those attempting fraud are unlikely to maintain consistent communication with EC throughout their entire campaign or to share their personal or business address - both of which are requirement to receive the campaign creator’s check of proceeds.

*Note: EC will only send checks to personal or business addresses and will not distribute funds to a P.O. Box.

3. How do I report my suspicions regarding a potential fraudulent campaign? 

Fraudulent campaigns can be reported anonymously to Please provide a detailed description of the facts or circumstances which give rise to your suspicion.

4. Do I have any recourse if I contribute to a fraudulent campaign?

If EC determines that misappropriation has occurred, the project creator will be banned from future use of the EC platform. EC reserves the right to refund user donations if a campaign is determined to be fraudulent. If funds have not yet been distributed, EC will perform additional inquiry into the project’s validity and require for project creators to certify that donations will be used to execute the subject matter of their campaign. EC reserves the right, but is not obligated to report fraudulent campaigns to local authorities and/or to take legal action against fraudulent campaign creators for breaching EC’s Terms of Use.

As a donor, you may also report fraudulent campaigns to local authorities. You may also have statutory or common law legal remedies in your jurisdiction. EC cannot provide legal advice and advises you to consult with a qualified attorney should you consider to enforce such rights.

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