Affiliate program details & instructions


The Endless Crowds Affiliate program is an opportunity to partner with us and earn commissions for referrals.

Endless Crowds partnership is open to everyone & not limited to only Active/Veteran Military or First Responders. Partner's can be individuals, non-profits, support organizations, first responder departments or private companies.

Worry-Free Partnership

  • All Public pages are screened by Endless Crowds to ensure quality
  • Fraud Prevention and identity verification using Facebook & WePay

How it works -

Referred Users - A new user is referred by a partner and collects payments using their Endless Crowds donation page.

1) A new User is referred by a partner

2) The new User signs-up for Endless Crowds

3) The new User launches a project

4) After the project's fundraising campaign ends the new User sends email to

  • Subject line - User Referral
  • In the Body of the email - Email & contact ( name, email, address) information of the partner that referred them

5) Endless Crowds deducts 6% service fee from the money raised and sends 3% to the partner with the contact information provided

Referred Transactions - A donor/backer is referred by a partner and makes a payment to a user's Endless Crowds donation page. Partners will receive 3% of all payments they refer.

1) A new Donor/Backer is referred by a partner

2) The new Donor/Backer visits Endless Crowds & donates to projects

3) After the campaign ends the partner that referred new Donor/Backer sends email to

  • Subject line - Transaction Referral
  • In the Body of the email - Email & contact ( name, email, address) information for themselves(the partner) & the new Donor/Backer

4) Endless Crowds identifies the payments made by the new Donor/Backer

5) Endless Crowds deducts 6% service fee from the payments made by the New Donor/Backer and sends 3% to the partner with the contact information provided


Benefits for Organizations & First Responder departments

Partner with Endless Crowds to amplify your organization's fundraising efforts and to promote your brand in new, dynamic ways.

1. Make an impact

Organizations that partner with Endless Crowds become hubs of community, innovation, and engagement.

Showcase your community to foster discovery.
 A new, digitally savvy method of engaging your audience.

Link your brand with a worthy cause.
Crowdfunding is much more powerful than simply writing a check. By running an Endless Crowds fundraising campaign, you’re sharing your organization’s values and opening up to community involvement in a meaningful way.

Drive innovation with the help of the crowd.
Crowdfunding helps prove market demand for new ideas by enabling people to vote with their dollars.

It’s easy to incorporate crowdfunding into existing contest models, and offer the public a new, exciting point of contact with your organization.

2. Revenue opportunity

  • 50% commission payouts from Endless Crowds 6% fee

3. Receive support

Whatever your partnership goals, we’re here to support you and your community. Endless Crowds empowers partners by:

  • Providing a Campaign Page to highlight activities within your organization’s network
  • Building brand recognition and influence through strategic brand placement on sponsored campaign pages
  • Amplifying promotional efforts through merit-based promotions

4. Highlight your community

An Organizations campaign showcases your brand on Endless Crowds while providing a dedicated space to highlight inspiring campaigns within your community. Organization campaigns are free, can be set up within minutes without any development resources, and allow partners to maintain full control over the content appearing on their page.

If you have a partnership opportunity you would like to explore beyond our Partner Page offering, please contact our business development team through

Benefits for individuals

Your friends, family & business associates will love Endless Crowds. Send them our way and receive half or the resulting revenue.

Our easy-to-use features help ensure success for even the most novice of users. Help your network raise money during life's important moments. This includes things like medical expenses, start up businesses education costs, volunteer programs, youth sports, funerals & memorials - even animals & pets.



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