Endless Crowds Project Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Endless Crowds seeks to help fund entrepreneurial, personal and community-benefit projects that share in our objective to assist, honor and/or encourage our servicemen and women – Military & First Responder Personnel (MFPs). If the project does not fit the categories available on the Endless Crowds platform, the review team will consult with the project creator. Endless Crowds reserves the right to reject any project, for any reason. 

Things that we look for when approving a project: 

1. Military, Firefighter or First Responder Benefit: Endless Crowds is a crowdfunding platform that offers an exclusive service for both active/veteran military, First Responders & families . Endless Crowds also provides a platform for the families and organizations that support MFP's. To the extent possible, we screen screen each project to ensure that the projects proceeds will be used by MFP's and/or their supporters. 

2. Clear and transparent description: In describing the project, it is important to present its purpose and history, contextualizing the option for financing it collectively. Transparency is key here, so be honest and realistic about the people involved in the project, the expectations of it success and the planned utilization of the money that you intend to raise.

2. Finite Projects: Projects are tangible and finite which means that they have a designated performance deadline; characterized by a punctual, not open-ended, efforts. You specify a funding goal that, if achieved, will make an actual change. Approved projects often have a detailed budget which outlines fees and expenses. A truly realistic fundraising goal is one that takes into account the actual scope of the project and can be raised by your virtual network. 

3. Picture/Video: It is mandatory to have a picture or video to present with your project. After watching a campaign video, users should understand what cause they are supporting and how their contributions will be used. We highly recommend you read the Endless Crowds Video Guide for suggestions and tips regarding how to complete a successful campaign video.

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